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Future of Scanning Multi-client Study: $15,995.00

InfoTrends' Future of Scanning study examines current usage and activities as well as forward-looking suppositions from decision makers in specific paper-intensive vertical markets to gauge variations and existing opportunities. InfoTrends looks to understand what the future holds for document scanning and capture solutions as well as the associated devices as business is faced with more and more demands to be completely digital...Read More>

The U.S. "Point of View" Imaging Market: $12,995.00

Action cameras have evolved beyond extreme sports into the everyday lives of ordinary people allowing them to tell their stories from their point of view. For some, these cameras are feeding into the "selfie" phenomenon by allowing them to transcend still images to videos of themselves. To date, cameras and accessories have been the main sale drivers. But as more video is captured opportunities are opening up for software, apps, and services that help consumers to edit, store, share, and even live-stream their videos.

Looking ahead, the point-of-view market will be expanding into new territories. We expect to see new implementations and applications of POV devices, particularly in the way of new form factors, such as wearable cameras and heads up displays, new features introduced that take advantage of new imaging technologies and instant connectivity, and new services that support the sharing, editing, storage, organization and management of the content collected from everyday life...Read More>

Customer Engagement Technologies Global State of the Market: $24,995.00

The scope of traditional customer communications management (CCM) is expanding, driven by technology innovations that enable enterprises to directly communicate with individual customers. Therefore, enterprises need to start cultivating their customer relationships by engaging with their customers to maintain levels of customer satisfaction. Customer engagement is the new paradigm for customer communications and we see solution vendors in the market adapting to this trend by adding more engaging capabilities to their offerings.

The objective of this primary research is to gain more insight into the market of customer engagement technologies, and to better understand how enterprises adapt these technologies for improving their customer relationships. Furthermore, we will provide insight into business investments and strategies related to customer communications...Read More>


InfoTrends is the leading worldwide market research and strategic consulting firm for the digital imaging and document solutions industry. We provide research, analysis, forecasts, and advice to help clients understand market trends, identify opportunities, and develop strategies to grow their businesses.
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