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Enterprise Customer Communications— Tends and Strategies from Around the Globe
Our Price: $4,995.00

InfoTrends has spent the last five months conducting interviews with over 60 providers of customer communications services and other key market stakeholders worldwide. This analysis is a summary of the top enterprise trends these providers cite as the most influential in the customer communications market globally and the regional nuances dictating market conditions in specific geographies and vertical sectors.
The Age of Web-to-Workflow
Our Price: $499.00

In a world of online ordering, customers expect the same convenience of their print service provider. Success online, however, brings a new set of challenges. As the number of customers and orders rise, print service providers (PSPs) need a robust and scalable workflow to automate the work from job submission through the various production steps and on to customer delivery. The industry is in the beginning stages of web-to-workflow which will increasingly an important competitive differentiator.
North American Software Investment Outlook
Our Price: $499.00

This report analyzing the U.S. Production Software Investment Outlook provides our annual insights into the market trends for graphic arts software based on structured end-user research. Topics include software adoption, investment trends and spending levels for both corporate (print-for-cost) and commercial (print-for-pay) print establishments. Software segments covered include Variable Data Printing, Cross Media Marketing, Web-to-print, Production Workflow Management, and more, with an additional focus on Digital Front Ends (DFEs) for this year.
Online Design Tools
Our Price: $499.00

Looking for ways to grow the number of customers or volume coming through your web-to-print solution or website? This analysis looks at the technology and market for online designers that empower your customers to create or customize designs for various types of printed output. It includes perspective on how to get started and important considerations to evaluate before making the investment.
2015-2020 Digital Textile Forecast
Our Price: $8,995.00

This 2015-2020 forecast presentation provides the key trends influencing the growth in roll to roll fabric textile manufacturing and sizes this market in graphic format by speed category, region, ink type and application. There is also a section depicting the forecast elements graphically for the high volume market (above 80m2 per hour). All the information represents the forecast data found in the Worldwide Digital Textile Forecast Pivot Tables published separately.
European Investment Survey 2017
Our Price: $499.00

This report, based on primary research, reveals how European print service providers are using and transforming their businesses with production print software. Software spending and automation is up from just two years ago. The report explores software adoption and spending along with workflow trends from 17 countries and 7 regions. Other topics include changes in revenue and print applications along with insights into training and professional services. Full data and charts are available separately by contacting your sales representative.
Central and Eastern Europe Production Printing and Copying Market Placements: 2012-2015
Our Price: $1,495.00

This document provides single-function and multi-function printer placements and market share for the Central and Eastern European production printing and copying market from 2012 to 2015. It includes electrophotographic and inkjet printing technologies in process colour, spot colour, and black and white. In addition to the placements, this document also contains a product list of all models placed in 2015.
Transactional Communications and Payments – State of the Market Study 2016
Our Price: $24,995.00

This study is an in-depth analysis of the insights garnered from the annual research from the Transactional Communications and Payments advisory service.
Western European Digital Production Printing Application Forecast; 2015-2020
Our Price: $2,995.00

Print is driven by applications and digital production printing is no exception. However demand for certain applications changes over time due to various reasons. The change in demand for certain applications will have a profound impact on the demand for digital printing. This analysis document will give background on the application volumes and volume growth for 30 print applications in Western Europe from 2015 to 2020 based on our application forecast.
Customer Engagement Technologies State of the Market 2016
Our Price: $24,995.00

The 2016 Customer Engagement Technologies State of the Market primary research provides in-depth insight into the market of customer communications management (CCM) and engagement-related technologies, such as marketing campaign management and customer journey management. The basis of this primary research was a web-based survey probing 808 North American, Latin American, and Western European enterprises with 500+ employees. Verticals included are Financial Services, Insurance, Governments, Healthcare Services, Telcos, and Utilities across key business departments: IT, Marketing, and Customer Service..