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Enterprise Customer Communications— Trends and Strategies from Around the Globe
Our Price: $4,995.00

InfoTrends has spent the last five months conducting interviews with over 60 providers of customer communications services and other key market stakeholders worldwide. This analysis is a summary of the top enterprise trends these providers cite as the most influential in the customer communications market globally and the regional nuances dictating market conditions in specific geographies and vertical sectors.
Customer Engagement Technologies State of the Market 2016
Our Price: $24,995.00

The 2016 Customer Engagement Technologies State of the Market primary research provides in-depth insight into the market of customer communications management (CCM) and engagement-related technologies, such as marketing campaign management and customer journey management. The basis of this primary research was a web-based survey probing 808 North American, Latin American, and Western European enterprises with 500+ employees. Verticals included are Financial Services, Insurance, Governments, Healthcare Services, Telcos, and Utilities across key business departments: IT, Marketing, and Customer Service..
2016 Annual State of the Transactional Communications Market Survey
Our Price: $1,499.00

InfoTrends conducts annual research on the transactional communications and payments market in the U.S., including surveys of businesses and consumers. The charts include insight into the responses for each question from 2000 consumers and 250 businesses.
Road Map 2016: Customer Engagement Technologies
Our Price: $299.00

This road map contains a list of the top trends for customer communications and engagement related technology to watch for in 2016, as determined by the InfoTrends Customer Engagement Technologies consultancy team.
Global Customer Engagement Technologies Market Forecast: 2014-2019
Our Price: $9,995.00

This is the first forecast of the global Customer Engagement Technology market providing an end-user revenue forecast between 2014 and 2019. In this first forecast, we currently focus on Customer Communications Management (CCM) technology. The market size is expressed in terms of end-user revenues split to revenues of new licenses (including upgrades), hosted revenues, maintenance and professional services revenues. We included the following regional break-downs: North America (United States and Canada), Central- and South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific (not including Japan), and Japan.
Content Automation Survey 2016
Our Price: $3,995.00

Content automation tools are designed to optimize content development, publishing, and distribution processes within businesses. As businesses focus on embracing the multiple digital channels available today, the traditional print-based methods of creating, approving, publishing, distributing, and tracking content become increasingly inflexible, time-consuming, and expensive. This research, conducted as a joint effort by Quark Software (Quark) and InfoTrends, provides insights into how businesses develop and disseminate content, as well as the challenges they face in doing so.
Managing Security around Customer Communications
Our Price: $499.00

Security is a key element of customer communications, especially within financial services. Data privacy and security within any organization should be a priority as breaches can not only cause financial damages, but also cause severe repercussions for the company's image, severely damaging the customers' trust. In this analysis InfoTrends examines today’s security management practices, especially for customer communication providers in financial services. It also highlights how Symcor, a Canadian financial processing services provider, is managing security.